Application deadline: July 19th Limited offer on a first-come, first-served basis!


OSHC and The Labour Department launched sponsorship scheme in the summer from 2021 to 2023, SMEs with high risks of heatstroke were subsidized to purchase portable fans at a highly discounted price. The sponsorship scheme is continued and enhanced this year, which includes subsidy for portable fan and solar floor fan.

The deadline for application is July 19th, 2024 (Friday). Limited offer on a first-come, first-serve basis.

👉 What is so cool about a portable fan($50)?

✔ Greater airflow
✔ Easy charging
✔ Can be hanging around the waist or neck

Fan x1、Battery x2、USB charging cable x1、lanyard x1

👉 What is so cool about a cooling vest ($188)?

✔ 6 to 8 hours of continuous usage
✔ Securely locks cool airflow with adjustable zipper
✔ Ice packs and two fans create a highly cool sensation

Cooling vest x1、Ice pack x3、Fan x2、Cable x1、 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery x1、Charger x1

👉 What is so cool about solar floor fan
(16 inch) ($100)?

✔ Eco-friendly and convenient solar powered fan
✔ Support charging via USB power bank
✔ Cordless operation
✔ A safety power outage feature

Fan with battery x1 、Solar panel with cable x1、USB charging cable x1

Which enterprises/institutions/unions are eligible to apply? What discounts are available? How to apply?

Portable Fan
(Selling Price $238)
Cooling Vest
(Selling Price $825)
Buy 1 Cooling Vest get 2 Neck Coolers for free
Solar Fan
(16 inch)
(Selling Price $750)
Apply Now
SMEs, Charitable Institutions, Trusts and Owners’ Corporation from the 12 designated industries that have NEVER been subsidized$50$188$100Apply
SMEs, Charitable Institutions, Trusts and Owners’ Corporation from the 12 designated industries that have been subsidized$60$188$100Apply
Other SMEs work in hot environments or high-temperature processes (self-declare the nature of the industry), non-SMEs in 12 designated “high risk” industries* and non-SMEs in the 12 designated industries that have been subsidized in the past three years$98$288N/AApply
Unions in 12 designated “high risk” industries*$50$188N/AApply

* The 12 designed “high risk” industries include:
1. Construction
2. Security services
3. Horticulture
4. Outdoor cleaning
5. Postal and courier services
6. Freight forwarding / Manual Labor
7. Industries working on airport aprons
8. Industries working at container terminals
9. Recycling
10. Electrical and Mechanical services
11. Laundry services
12. Catering

Frequently asked questions

With correct information and documents submitted, you will receive the approval and payment notification within two weeks. After receiving your payment record slip, a redemption notice will be issued. Please note that all notices or information will be sent to the applicant’s email provided during the application.

Please upload the following documents in the online application form above:

  1. Commercial entity: “Business Registration Certificate” (with at least 2 months of validity)
  2. Charitable organisations /trust groups: “Charitable Organizations/Trust Groups Registration Certificate”
  3. Owner corporations: “Mandatory Provident Fund Record Proof”
  4. Union: Certificate of Registration

Applicants can pay the fee in one of the following ways upon receipt of the approval and payment notice issued by the OSHC:

  1. Via online banking deposit (need to submit the payment record)
  2. Via “FPS” deposit (need to submit the payment record)
  3. Via ATM deposit / Cheque deposit (need to submit the payment record)
  4. Pay and pick-up at the contractor of this program, “Kar Kar Redemption Center”:
    • Octopus
    • Alipay
    • Master / VISA
    • Cash
  1. Pick up at the program contractor, “Kar Kar Redemption Center” (address:
  2. SF express delivery (Freight collect)


Service Contractor of Cooling Product Sponsorship Scheme 2024 – Kar Kar Redemption Center
Phone icon3521 0757
(auto-recording service available outside service hours)

OSH 24 hours Prevention of Heat Stroke Hotline

WhatsApp icon WhatsApp: 9317-0987(24 hours text reply only)
Email: [email protected]